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5 reasons to buy your wedding dress online

” 1. Every bride deserves to look & feel a million dollars”- whatever she pays

Yes your gown is an important part of the day some might say…the most important but you need to stay grounded when shopping. It is so important that you spend no more than your budget allows. You want to be able to enjoy your gown and your big day. Not spend all day worrying about getting into debt because you couldn’t afford the average £1313 for a gown ( 2019. ) . This is why at Fifi’s all of our gowns are at an intro price of under £400 and some of them are brand new. You can still have that designer look and feel without. the price-tag.

2. “Don’t settle for any less”

Your gown needs to feel like an extension of you……You on the best day ever. Remember you only want to do this once so you want to feel right so don’t settle for something because it is what someone else wants you to wear or for any other reason ( However you want to look andfeel on your big day,you want to know that it is the right dress. Many bridal shops do not offer returns on a sample gown and this is where Fifi’s differs. Not only are you paying less for your gown you also have the opportunity to send it back if it is not the one.

3. ” what if …..eliminate the wait”

More often than not when you buy a wedding dress you are told that the dress can take more than 6 months to arrive and since Covid 19 can take even longer ( savvy and that can leave you with anxiety and many different questions “What if’s such as what if it doesn’t fit?……what if I don’t like the colour?… and so on… with Fifi’s you can have your gown with you in 3-4 days so there are no negative surprises… only good one.s.

“4. There’s no place like home”

There really isn’t. No need to worry about getting drenched by the rain on the way to your appointment or finding a parking space near the shop .Why not turn your living room into a bridal boutique to showcase your stunning gown for those nearest and dearest we’ll provide the gown- you provide the bubbl.yYou won’t need to socially distance whilst trying your gown on and you can have the experience of a bridal professional at the click of a button to have a direct discussion with ( discuss with Fifi) in the comfort of your own home.. There is no closing time so you can buy your gown day or night.

5. More unique styles

Each year there is a trend for a certain bridal style, colour, and many bridal boutiques concentrate on that fashion. But don’t be a follower, be a trend setter. You deserve to have your favourite look not follow a trend which has been dictated by a bridal magazine.. As many online bridal shops have ex samples you will be able to pick up a little gem that may have been discontinued elsewhere at a great price.